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Injection Machines

SRC-AE ALL-Electric Series




Our SRC-AE All-Electric machines uses 50-70% less energy than hydraulic machines. SRC-AE machines focus on efficiency and production costs reduction, offering many advantages power saving, reduced water consumption, significant lowering of noise levels with standrad applications like minimum lubricant costs. These features ensure high reliability, repeatability and accuracy.
SRC-AE All-Electric Series SRC 40-AESRC 60-AESRC 90-AESRC 120-AESRC 150-AESRC 190-AESRC 230-AESRC 300-AESRC 360-AESRC 450-AE SRC 550-AE SRC 650-AE
Clamping ForcekN400600900120015001900230030003600450055006500
Space Between Tie Bars (HxV)mm304 x 284365 x 325420 x 370470 x 430530 x 480580 x 530625 x 575730 x 680830 x 780880 x 855915 x 8551080 x 1080
Mould Thickness Rangemm120-350120-380150-420150-490200-550200-600250-680250-750250-800350-870350-900420-1000
Ejector Strokemm6060100100100130150180180180180200
Plasticizing and Injection Unit
» General wear-resistant screw (open nozzle)
» 10-step injection
» 10-step holding pressure
» 5-step charging
» 5-step back pressure
» VP transfer (by position, time, pressure)
» Open mould during charging
» Charging and injection cold start protection
» Auto purge function
» Nozzle centring adjustment

Clamping Unit
» 5-step Mould open/close
» Sensitive mould protection function
» Injection during mould close
» Deferred mould close function
» Ejection with brake (except SRC 50-AE)
» 3-step Ejection
» Ejection during mould opening (synchronous action)
» Ejector return position confirmation electric interface
» Mould cooling water distributor (glass type with temp. gauge)
» Embedded locating ring (fixed platen)
» Robot installation hole (fixed platen)
» Automatic central lubrication device

» 12-inch colour touch LCD screen
» Mould data memory (up to 500 moulds)
» Alarm and operation data recording
» 1 USB and 1 Ethernet interface
» Injection pressure and speed display with graphics
» Robot interface (EUROMAP 67)
» Multi-language available (English, German, Turkish, French etc.)
» Unit changeable (metric/inch)
» Production management and technical data inspection function
» Three colour alarm lamp (red/yellow/green) and buzzer

» Securely closed safety door
» Adjustable machine levelling pads
» Three sockets (1 pcs single phase 16A, 2 pcs three phase 32A)
» Movable hopper base
Plasticizing and Injection Unit
» Chrome coated screw
» High wear and corrosion-resistant screw
» Extended nozzle
» VP transfer by mould cavity pressure sensor
» Pneumatic mould valve gate control/ Pneumatically controlled needle valve nozzle
» Special SR nozzle (for example SPI type nozzle)
» Stainless steel hopper

Clamping Unit
» Pneumatic air blow function
» Hydraulic unit(hot runner use)
» Needle valve controller(hot runner use)
» Mould hot runner Temp controller
» Hydraulic core movement (programmable)
» Air blow function (programmable)
» Special platen (T slot, SPI standard, etc.)
» Electric unscrew device
» Automatic mould clamping device (magnetic/hydraulic)
» Automatic electric drive door
» Automatic mould clamping device

» Mould temperature display and PID control
» Plastic product separation electric interface (good/bad)
» Additional cooling water distributor
» Selectable voltage power supply
» Air-assistant injection electric interface
» Magnetic platen electric interface
» Mould cavity melt pressure sensor input

» Nano-infrared heating band for barrel
» Insulation cover for barrel